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2012-11-07 06:04 pm

congratulations and two good things

Congratulations, America! And by this I mean only the Americans who voted for Obama. For the others:

Of course, I am not very optimistic about the future policies of the US, especially in what concerns the Middle East. I wonder what promises Obama made to what lobby groups to get reelected. But, compared to the total ignorance about what is going on there and absolute trust in Netanyahu's decision that Romney seemed to display, I feel a bit relieved. We'll live and see what happens.

Now the two good things. First, somebody luuuuves me! YAY! The proof is a message I have received on my fic LJ

Awww... a shy spam delivery robot! I've always had a weakness for those! I am amused they used a generic manga face icon, because it's genderless and anybody can imagine anything they want.

The second good thing - I am brilliant! Well, technically, I was brilliant and only at a certain point in my life when I was writing funny slash parodies that I have rediscovered today, due to the "love" message. It kinda depresses me to see that I have become a much sadder character and nothing excites that much that I just have to express myself in a creative way. I am old, soon I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled...what else to expect?
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2012-11-03 02:26 pm
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a beautiful Saturday

It's such a beautiful day - the kind I thought we'd never see until next spring! I suspect there's 20C outside, sunny, no wind. I can even hear birds chirping. Whatever birds are left after the migration to warmer places...

We went to the farmer's market to buy some flowers. The pretext is that tomorrow we're going to the cemetery for a little sermon thing at the family grave, like we do every year for All Saints Day. Since the flowers we had planted there died all during the heat of the summer, we're planting new ones to look pretty for a day. I suspect they'll be gone the next day and probably back on the market being sold to other people... Unfortunately that's how it is. I bought two little bunches for the livingroom. Nothing fancy, it's not like in those flower shops with their sophisticated flower bouquets. These ones aren't even completely in bloom, but they're still cute and I felt compelled to take a pic.


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2012-11-02 10:16 pm

of people and cats

I guess I feel a bit disturbed when I hear about fur babies. I love my cats like any other crazy cat lady, but I don't consider myself their mom. When I call them (and they don't come, of course), I ask them to 'come to Mira'. I've had some contradictory discussions with my sister on this matter because, of course, I had to 'psychoanalyze' why she calls her cat her baby and always she shut me up by demonstrating how much of a slave to my own cats' whims I am, probably worse than she is. Maybe it's about giving a name, any name, to the affection we feel for our pets. They are members of the family anyway.But I'll never use this mom-baby connection in reference to my cats. It just seems embarrassing to me. But then, I'm the easily embarrassed type anyway...
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2012-11-01 08:33 pm

hello, old LJ entries!

Hello, old LJ entries. Welcome to Dreamwidth! Where are the comments though? Did I ask for too much? Also, the vids seem to be gone for good too. It could have been worse... But it's still a viable B plan after all.
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2012-10-30 09:33 pm

backup plan

This is my backup plan in case LJ really goes crazy.